Services are available by appointment only, please call 323.680.4458.

Permanent Makeup and Chemical Peel consultations are complimentary.

Permanent Make-Up & Makeup Tattoo

All Permanent Makeup includes one follow up retouch appointment within 90 days.

Eyeliner    $325 uppers or lowers

Upper & Lower     $525

Thick Liner     $145 additional charge

Smug effect     $175 & up

2nd color added     $150

Eye Brows     $525

Feather Brows / Hairstrokes     $550 & up

Color Corrections per Session    $245

Camouflage    $250 & up

Lip Liner    $350 & up

Upper Lip Liner $225

Lip Liner with Blend $185 additional charge

Lip Fill    $425 & up

Touch ups within 12 months $200 & up

Touch ups within 24 months $455 & up

The sun and anti-aging products will fade even the best permanent make up over time, so plan to have your look refreshed every year or two.  After two years, it will be at regular price.  Don’t wait until it is barely visible to come back.

Eyelash Extensions

Includes a complimentary anti-wrinkle under-eye treatment.  

Glamour set $275 (2.5 hours)

Beauty set $175 (1.5 hours)

Fixing & Refills (other lash stylist work) $95 & up

Lash Refill $45 per 30 minutes

Removal  $85 without replacing set (about 30 minutes)

Facials & Skin Care

We use Dermalogica Professional products for our 1-hour facials.

Le Classique Hydrating & Balance    $75

Acne Pore Cleansing & Restoring    $85

Ultimate Anti-Aging    $95

Ultra Sensitive Treatment    $85

Back Treatment    $80

PCA Skin Chemical Peels & Skin Treatments

Mini Facial & Trial Sized solutions $65

PCA Peel Anti-Aging     $110 & up

Sensi Peel     $95 & up

Smoothing Body Peel Treatment    $75 & up

PCA Skin Oxygenating Trio Therapy     $115

Retinol Treatment Additional $25



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