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Welcome to The Premiere Site for Permanent Makeup Los Angeles! Permanent Makeup should be Subtle, Natural and Adaptable over time. Natural Permanent Makeup lets You feel Polished and Pretty, but also True to You.

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Cleopatra is is believed to have had permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup & Micropigmentation

Permanent Makeup is technically micropigmentation or in other words, a cosmetic tattoo. An ancient Asian and Egyptian beautification practice, permanent makeup has gained popularity around the world. Tattooing for medical reasons such as scaring or vitiligo are essentially the same procedure, this is sometimes the last resort when no other solution exists.

Early Days of Permanent Makeup

Tattooing is an ancient art, the oldest tattoo in the world is 5300 years old. Carbon dated from the Bronze Age, Otzi the Iceman was discovered frozen in a glacier in 1991. And his body was covered with tattoos!

Permanent makeup has been a celebrity secret since as least the 1930’s. See Lip Tattooing Is The Latest Fad (January 1933). Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos was not well-known in the United States until early 80’s. During the mid-nineties, a California woman started flying all over the country promoting this new service. A popular industry was born, and as it grew, many people from various backgrounds got into this business. Many are tattoo artists that came up the traditional ways – under an apprenticeship of a senior tattoo artist and or learn tattooing at home.

Requirements for Permanent Makeup Technicians

Many permanent makeup artists today are still entering into the business without any formal training nor state licenses. This is often when you will see a permanent makeup business where it is advertised that the business specializes in and only does permanent makeup. The reality is that they are unable to do ANY service in a beauty salon because they have not have met the educational requirements for beauty professional licensing, nor have they received formal disinfection and sanitation training according to state boards. You definitely should ask questions when you allow someone to use a needle on you. See my post: How To Chose Your Permanent Makeup Artist.

Municipal Regulations & Restrictions

Some cities have municipal bans and zoning restrictions on tattoo shops. In the late eighties, a California beauty professional appealed the regulation, and the ban was updated to exempt aestheticians, cosmetologists, electrologists, and physicians. As an aesthetician, my background includes the study of psychofigurism – the study of the facial features, facial symmetry, and facial bone structure. Along with artistic ability, I customize brows, eyes and lips for a client’s face and individuality.

Licensed Beauty Professional

Additionally, application service of false eye lashes, and lash extensions are not allowed unless they are licensed Aestheticians or Cosmetologists in California. As a state licensed beauty professional, I’ve had hundreds of classroom hours on disinfection, sanitation, eyebrow shaping, lash extensions, and permanent makeup.

State board licensed Esthetician Nancy Young is very knowledgeable about permanent makeup and skincare. Best practices and aftercare, avoid going to unknowledgable technicians that damage skin, and cause permanent loss of lashes! Contact us at one of our three locations serving the Los Angeles area for the best permanent makeup and skincare.

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