Melasma – Don’t You Hate It




Melasma – Don’t You Hate It

I love to do permanent makeup, however the one skin care issue that I am all too familiar with is melasma.  Los Angeles has a diverse population, melasma is fairly common in Asian and Hispanic populations.  Melasma also occurs with Black and Caucasian skin.  Millions of women and some men suffer from this very difficult to treat skin condition.  Even cosmetic lasers are not effective, and can even trigger melasma – especially if you have a medium to dark complexion.

I’ve had melasma about 8 years, and I’ve really tried practically every product out there.  From drug store brands like Porcelana, to prescription Obagi, to Vivite, then Lumixyl to Clinque Dark Spot Corrector, the list goes on and on and on.


What Is Melasma?

Melasma is overproducing, sensitized pigment cells that cause patchy pigmentation areas primarily on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip.  You must wear sunscreen vigilantly, and be very careful in dealing with it because many things can make it even worse.  Here a list, it’s a long one – stress, hormones, heat, not eating or sleeping regularly, sun exposure, your home lighting, and even the light emitting from your laptop or computer.


Fairest of All

When you have great skin, you can take it for granted.  Healthy, beautiful skin is one of the best things your parents gave you, take care of it. A fair complexion is very near and dear to many people, especially those that are from or around Asia.  A tanned complexion especially for a woman is a huge no no.  Even the men desire and seek the light skin all of the celebrities have.  Once, I was on the phone to an IT support person in the Philippines, and we started a detailed discussion on how to brighten and lighten the skin.  As we waited for my computer to reboot, we exchanged ideas on how to get results.  The IT guy, and yes he was a guy – suggested glutathione oral supplements, and so I even purchased those and tried that too.


Cultural Preferences

While there are many others in Europe and the United States do prefer a tanned look as it is slenderizing, has an athletic appearance, etc.  In contrast to the view above, a tan is also a status symbol, as in being able to vacation abroad, or summer at the resort and therefore having the leisure time, and resources to do so.  Melasma, however is a lot more complicated than a tan.  Melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy is an uneven complexion often triggered by hormones.

Adversity to tanned skin is because it is seen as not only aging, but originates from the view that an untanned complexion means not having to do outdoor manual labor in the crop fields, etc.  I write about this, not in agreement but to convey the historical reasons for this very strong preference, and how it is still very prevalent today. Personally, with dark hair, I just think the contrast looks better on me.  Effective melasma treatment requires your commitment. When you’re ready to do it the right way, contact Clinical Aesthetician Nancy Young at 323.680.4458.


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