Ethnic Esthetics

ethnic esthetics

Everyone recognizes beauty when they see it. Studies have shown that even babies stare longer at a pretty face. However, there are certain particular preferences for various cultures and ethnicity groups. As a state licensed beauty professional, I see many types of people in my treatment room. As an Aesthetician specializing in all things considering the face, it is important to know and recognize what a culture will recognize as the “right look.”  With the diversity we have here in Los Angeles, I appreciate the varying ethnic esthetics  and preferences.

Asian clients prefer a natural brow that is fuller and not so arched. It is the brow of innocence and youth. A straighter brow also draws attention to the roundness of the eyes, and highlights glowing skin. As an Aesthetician that is also Asian, I can understand the great demand for a clear, even-toned, and hydrated complexion. Hyperpigmentation is a challenge for Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics as well.

Black clients usually love a hydrating, even-toned glow. These clients can also to have pigmentation issues, as with Asian and Hispanic clients. Exfoliaton or a PCA chemical peel will result in a healthier, younger-looking skin. Black clients usually also lean toward an arched brow, with some Cleopatra elegance – looking like a Queen that she is. Usually possessing an ageless appearance, remaining wrinkle-free for a long time, sunscreen protection is also a must for these clients, although many do not wear it. And lash extensions, they love it.

Caucasian clients prefer a more groomed look, sometimes quite arched brows for a sexy appeal. Some like a more natural, low maintenance approach – I assess each client carefully by listening carefully to their preferences, and also by asking a lot of questions as to their lifestyle. A client often wants to simply look more groomed or professional; sometimes a thinner brow tail is all that they really need. Lighter skin often is sometimes more sensitive, combination skin is one the most common things I treat.

Hispanic clients love a strong brow as well, complimenting the exotic dark haired look. Many prefer an arched, dramatic look. I work with my clients to give them a best version of what they are looking to accomplish. Exfoliation is key to this population in keeping the skin, and neck area looking bright and even-toned.

Middle Eastern clients in particular, love a “made up look.” Embellished and extravagant is the preference. In the summer, many tourists visit Los Angeles to escape the even hotter desert summers in the Middle East. A strong brow that is on the longer side is the usual preference. Many also love the permanent makeup lips, and long, dramatic lash extensions. Making a statement, glamour as a constant is preferred.

Working closely with my clients, it is their preference and feedback that I am listening for. As I work, they are always given a mirror to check the process as we go, so we both know that the client is getting a look that they really appreciate. Perfecting it, in a way that only a beauty professional knows how to do – my clients always leave my Los Angeles treatment room looking better than they expected. As an Aesthetician working with many people of different backgrounds and types, I specialize in skincare, chemical peels, lash extensions, and permanent makeup. I like to keep it as simple as possible, without compromising a beaYOUtiful result.

Ethnic Esthetics

Ethnic Esthetics

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