Chemical Peels vs Microdermabrasion

chemical peels

Chemical Peels vs Microdermabrasion


PCA Skin – Physicians Care Alliance

PCA Skin chemical peels are one of my favorite ways to effectively rejuvenate the skin.  PCA Skin chemical peels are the #1 manufacturer of chemical peels in the United States.  I prefer peels over physical exfoliation methods such as microdermabrasion. Peels are less abrasive, suitable for those with acne, barrier impairment, and other sensitive skin conditions that can not tolerate a more aggressive approach. Dead skin is lifted and the peel is completed over a time period of about a week, working along with your skin’s natural healing process.  This anti-aging treatment is in popular in my treatment rooms here in  Los Angeles. Visit our location photo galleries for Century City, Sherman Oaks, and West Hollywood.


Layer & Leave On

A PCA Skin chemical peel is applied to the skin, along with any treatment serums.  Your skin will look glowing, and healthy.  You can resume your day, though you should stay cool and avoid the sun.  Follow the aftercare instructions.  The layer and leave on approach is very nourishing, you sleep with peel on overnight. As the skin rejuvenates, the treatment products and serums contain antioxidants and melanogensis inhibitors. Additionally, lactic acid that naturally is found in the body, and it is also very hydrating for the skin. Skin peeling is done mostly over the 2nd and 3rd days, with about a week to result in a dewy, fresh complexion.




Skin Rejuvenation

One of the best ways to treat acne scarring and pigmentation is to do a series of gentle peels over time. A customized chemical peel for your skin type and conditions will revitalize your complexion, increase collagen production, firm, smooth and brighten. And this includes treating uneven skin texture, and lines and wrinkles. I have clients that are really clearing up their acne, though the reminders from the past remain – acne scarring. After clearing up breakouts, we progress to the a series of light chemical peels to give them back the skin they fondly remember.



Medium to dark skin types can not tolerate deep microdermabrasion because aggressive exfoliation can cause pigmentation and can cause uneven skin tone. In addition to over the counter physical exfoliation products such as apricot shell, sugar, salts, etc – microdermabrasion is a mechanical physical exfoliation. With microdermabasion – using crystals, or diamond tip mediums to “sand” the outer layer of skin, those with more active pigment cells, need to exercise caution. These methods are abrasive and if misused may cause more pigmentation problems. It is also difficult to judge in how long to “scrub” as you may not realize you have gone too far until after completing the methods. For those with acne, and rosacea should avoid any physical exfoliation of any type. Skin inflammation and redness can result in pigmentation.


PCA Skin Chemical Peels


Laser Treatments

Lasers are a more drastic way to address these kinds of skin issues. Laser treatments can be expensive and painful. Many times they need to be repeated. You would want to get references on the person/professional before using laser therapy for anything. Again, those with more active pigment cells need to be careful.


Pre-Blended PCA Chemical Peels

Another thing that I look for is pre-blended peels, to increase consistency and best treatment results. PCA Skin peels can target your skin type and accomplish great improvements to your skin over time. All skin pigmentation problems, overall skin tone, and light acne scarring can all benefit from the right type of exfoliation. Aesthetic chemical peels work on the surface of the skin to loosen and help flake off the old dead skin cells that build up over time. As one ages, natural cellular turnover slows down. With a series of gentle peels over time, effective treatment serums that can now easily penetrate your skin – there will be considerable improvements to your complexion. As part of your regular maintenance, PCA Skin chemical peels are well tolerated, safely address many skincare concerns, and have excellent results.


PCA Skin Chemical Peels

PCA Skin Chemical Peels

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